I have been a professional wig builder and makeup artist for the past twenty years. In 2001 I left New Orleans and moved to Houston to work with Houston Grand Opera. After that, in 2009, I became Wig Master and Makeup Supervisor for Houston Ballet. Ten years later, I decided to leave my ballet family and freelance full time. Now, as a freelancer, I work with opera, ballet, and theater companies, photographers, film companies, schools, and private individuals. I get to travel all over the States and work with incredible people all over the world. I've been very blessed.

. . . . . Enter Covid 19. . . . .

For the past year and a half all of us in the performing arts community have largely remained out of work. It’s sad to say, but not unexpected, that many talented people have found other professions, or retired, and will not be joining us to reopen. There are also a number of wonderful, talented, kind people we’ve lost in our community since we’ve been together. These past current events have been devastating. 

Currently, contracts are being sent out, and live performances are being scheduled. I know me and my colleagues all desperately want to return to the stage and companies are making preperations to return again starting in late September, and October. 



Wig building is a very . . . specific skill. It involves a high level of attention to detail and lots of patience. The willingness to sit for long periods of time and tie knots ad infinitum is also required. Needless to say, there's a lot of sitting alone. Often, a lot of books on tape get involved as well. Shout out to J. K. Rowling and Stephen King for preserving what sanity I still have.


Wig building is a very niche skill that has become a dying art. Wig builders are not the easiest people to find. My clients all arrive with epic stories about the rabbit holes they had to venture through to find me. I love all my clients that have braved this adventure. Helping them by providing goods and services they need while taking on new creative challenges is the best thing about this career. The upside of quarentine is it provided time to sit and finally get a website together. This makes connecting with people that need hair services much easier.

Popular custom hair good services I provide include:

* Custom hair pieces and wigs for people suffering from hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy

*Wig customizing and styling for live performances, film, editorials, and cosplay. 

* Costume facial hair that fall between the lines of what they need and what is available commercially

* Santa Claus beards, wigs , and mustaches (sounds very specific, but it is a thing)

* Education in wig building, care, and styling. This includes ventilating classes and foundation building.

View a sampling of my work below.


When I was a little girl I dreamed of making monsters. That’s what I wanted to do. All of my favorite childhood movies were very heavy in practical effects. As a kid I always played with makeup. By the time I was in college with a Theatre major I wondered what I would do when I grew up. A close friend recommended makeup. By that time I already had countless school and community theatrical productions under my belt.  I was lucky enough to be born with the eye and the touch for it. 

The thing I was most lucky for, however, was to be on the same planet at the same time as Dick Smith. He was a legend in the industry and most of your favorite movies would not have the SFX they do without him. He was a gifted innovator, educator, and artist. I have been blessed to have learned and received guidance from him in sculpting, mold making, and SFX through his correspondence course. 

While I love wigs and they have become my bread and butter, makeup has always been my primary passion. The transformation and creation of a character is what makes my heart go pitter pat. I have also had opportunities to teach and teach the next generation of talent the tips and tricks I have learned along the way. My favorite students, however, are teachers. I love consulting with educators on how to teach not only their makeup classes, but at a higher level consult with them on educating the next generation of theatrical professionals in general.

Popular makeup services I provide include:

*Makeup for large scale productions in theater, ballet, and opera. 

*Makeup and special effects for film, print work, and cosplay. 

* Custom sculpting for masks, prosthetics, and creatures. 

* Mold making for masks, props, knickknacks, and ceramics. I know this isn't all makeup, but it is a skill set. 

* Education in makeup. Not only do I teach our youth in theatrical makeup classes, I do University level master classes, as well as workshops for educators. 

View a sampling of my work below.




During the pandemic I took my side passion and hobby and turned it into a company. I’m talking about plants. For twenty one years I have studied aromatherapy, herbalism, chemistry,and body care. I took my hobby so seriously I’m a certified professional aromatherapist as well as a licensed massage therapist in Texas. If you’re going to do something, do it right huh?


I've made some of my products for about ten years and friends and family have been the beneficiaries. The rest of the products have been in my head for a very long time. The time spent this past year provided the time to make them happen.


I started with the plants and made some essential oil blends. Along the way I threw in a little magic. The result was V is For Voodoo. I currently have eight essential oil blends based on Voodoo spirits. These blends come in a vegan soap, essential oil roll-on, or as just the straight up essential oil blend. I also have salves, lip balm, and tattoo aftercare products.


People love these products! In just this past year V is For Voodoo has curated a community that swears by these products. If you have a moment, check it out.

The quality of what goes onto your skin is just as important as what goes into your mouth.

Check out the products here: