I'm Amanda Mitchell, and I've spent years immersed in the captivating world of wig construction, makeup artistry, and theatrical production. With a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Loyola University New Orleans and specialized training in special effects from the renowned Dick Smith, I've honed my skills to perfection.


My journey has taken me through various roles and experiences, each contributing to my expertise and passion for the craft. As a Freelance Wig Builder and Makeup Artist, I've had the privilege of working with esteemed organizations such as the Houston Grand Opera, Alley Theatre, Utah Opera, and Walt Disney World Costuming, among others. Whether it's crafting intricate wigs, applying makeup for live theater and film projects, or providing education and training, I thrive in high-stress, fast-paced environments.


In addition to theatrical productions, I'm also deeply involved in creating custom hair goods and providing services for the drag community and cosplayers. Working closely with individuals to bring their visions to life, I've had the pleasure of contributing to the vibrant and creative world of drag and cosplay, where every detail matters.


Throughout my career, I've maintained a commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and a passion for bringing characters to life. I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had and the relationships I've formed along the way.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about my journey. I look forward to the opportunity to bring creativity, expertise, and dedication to your next project.

Warm regards, Amanda



Popular custom hair good services I provide include:

* Custom hair pieces and wigs for people suffering from hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy

*Wig customizing and styling for live performances, film, editorials, and cosplay. 

* Costume facial hair that fall between the lines of what they need and what is available commercially

* Santa Claus beards, wigs , and mustaches (sounds very specific, but it is a thing)

* Education in wig building, care, and styling. This includes ventilating classes and foundation building.

View a sampling of my work below.


Popular makeup services I provide include:

*Makeup for large scale productions in theater, ballet, and opera. 

*Makeup and special effects for film, print work, and cosplay. 

* Custom sculpting for masks, prosthetics, and creatures. 

* Mold making for masks, props, knickknacks, and ceramics. I know this isn't all makeup, but it is a skill set. 

* Education in makeup. Not only do I teach our youth in theatrical makeup classes, I do University level master classes, as well as workshops for educators. 

View a sampling of my work below.




During the pandemic I took my side passion and hobby and turned it into a company. I’m talking about plants. For twenty one years I have studied aromatherapy, herbalism, chemistry,and body care. I took my hobby so seriously I’m a certified professional aromatherapist as well as a licensed massage therapist in Texas. If you’re going to do something, do it right huh?


I've made some of my products for about ten years and friends and family have been the beneficiaries. The rest of the products have been in my head for a very long time. The time spent this past year provided the time to make them happen.


I started with the plants and made some essential oil blends. Along the way I threw in a little magic. The result was V is For Voodoo. I currently have eight essential oil blends based on Voodoo spirits. These blends come in a vegan soap, essential oil roll-on, or as just the straight up essential oil blend. I also have salves, lip balm, and tattoo aftercare products.


People love these products! In just this past year V is For Voodoo has curated a community that swears by these products. If you have a moment, check it out.

The quality of what goes onto your skin is just as important as what goes into your mouth.

Check out the products here: