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Opera, Ballet, Theatre


Theatrical custom hair goods are for theatrical productions (surprised?), operas, and ballets. Durability is what sets theatrical hair goods apart from other hair goods. Theatrical hair goods need to be durable both construction and style.

Believe me, these mediums need durability! Theatrical productions, like those on Broadway, run eight shows a week. It’s not uncommon for a single opera to run over three hours long. Let’s not even talk about what a ballet dancer can do to a wig or hairpiece! It's evil. Doing hair and makeup for ballet IS the extreme sports of hair and makeup. I know. I did it for ten years. That is a lot of stress for a little wig or hairpiece to go through!

The materials used in theatrical hair goods tend to be sturdier than those in film. Why? When sturdy, quality, materials are used the hair good will last longer. There are companies that have wigs in stock that are 30 plus years old! With proper care, quality hair goods can last a very long time. They should. They can be an investment.

I have built wigs for major arts organizations across the country. These spaces include both large and small houses. Services I provide include wig styling, and building wigs, hair pieces, and facial hair.

You can trust me with your show. Don't take my word for it. Please take a look through my theatrical portfolio.


Film, Editorial, Cosplay, Costuming

You use Film quality custom hair goods in films (again, shocking I know), media, and I’m going to lump costumes and cosplay in here. Film quality must look good up close.

When used in a film or commercial hair goods have to stand up under a microscope. They are delicately made and styled. In film the cameras are so good they will magnify every. . .Single. . . Flaw. . . If you’re using a lace front wig in film, it must be a perfect fit. If it isn’t the camera will pick it up.

For media, such as editorials, these looks also have to stand up under a microscope. Any flaw can (and will) be blown up to be the size of a billboard! Costumes and cosplay are also film quality because these items also have to look good up close.

It is not uncommon to use hair pieces in these mediums whenever possible. This helps everything look more natural. The keys to a successful hairpiece is match and function. A good hair color and texture match are crucial to a good hairpiece. Also, the piece should add hair where you need it and not where you don't. This sounds obvious, but can sometimes be tricky.

This again is a medium I have extensive experience in. I have done hair for commercials, photo shoots, industrial training videos, and films. Film quality services I provide include makeup application and wig styling. Goods I supply are custom wigs, hair pieces, and facial hair. Once again, you do not have to take my word for it. Please see my media portfolio below.

Beard (2)

Moustaches, Sideburns, Eyebrows, Santa Beards

Mustaches, beards, and sideburns, even eyebrows. . oh my! Facial hair can be either film quality, theatrical quality, or fall somewhere in between. Often I get laughed at by friends and family when I say I'm making mustaches or beards. I get it. It sounds strange. Let me explain why customization in facial hair is so important.


First off is shape and size. There are endless variations to each and every type of facial hair. The length of the hair AND the footprint of the piece combine to create the style. There are limited variations available commercially. Commercial facial hair often requires some customization to achieve a specific look. Also, fit is another factor. The fit of facial hair is vital. If a piece of facial hair doesn't fit well it looks really bad. Nobody wants that.


Color is another crucial aspect of facial hair. The color must look natural on the person that is wearing it. Again, there are limited options available commercially. If the color is off it looks fake. Most of the time you don't want that.


Many times, facial hair is used to create a likeness. Meaning you are trying to look like someone specific. In this case, the color and the style of facial hair is crucial to sell the illusion. More often than not a good quality likeness requires a custom piece. Segway to. . . Santa Claus


Santa Claus is the most requested likeness I get. Laugh all you like, it is hard to come by good quality Santa beards and mustaches. Some of the commercially available ones are very heavy. This means they look fake. It also means they get very hot. Working with a Santa, I have developed a lightweight, natural looking beard and hair piece unit. This eliminates the need for a complete wig. This cuts some cost and a lot of heat! I build Santa Claus beards out of synthetic hair or Yak.


Hand Tied, Wigs, Fronts, Falls, Toupees


The final specialty I work in is custom hair goods for everyday use. These range from wigs to hairpieces, and toupees. With everyday hair goods, you have to balance the durability of theatrical, with the finery of film. They must look pristine up close, and last through everyday wear and tear. Wigs need to be delicate and durable. Hair pieces need be a perfect fit and match.

The real benefit of custom hair goods have over commercial ones is, once again, fit. These pieces need to be lightweight, as cool as possible, and comfortable to wear.

Over the years I have had a range of people that need hair goods for use everyday. Some are going through chemotherapy. For these clients I often partially customize a store bought wig. Others clients of mine have hair loss. More times than not, these are full custom hair piece jobs.

I love working with clients one on one. I love helping people! Reach out and let’s discuss what options are available.

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