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Makeup is where it all began. If you're in need of age makeups, flawless headshots, beautiful faeries, fantastical creatures, or blood and guts you're in the right place.


Opera, Ballet, Theatre

Welcome to the extreme sports of makeup. Balancing light, shadow, and color to create a durable illusion is what it’s all about. Live theatre is not for the faint of heart. Once the show starts, this train doesn’t stop. There is no second take here. Sweat, roughhousing, quick changes, mishaps, and acts of god are all a part of the gig. Being on your toes and making sure the audience never notices anything but a flawless performance is vital.

With over twenty years under my belt I’ve seen some things. I’ve built many shows from the ground up and a part of that is designing makeups that fulfill the needs of the show. Selling the illusion of the character, making sure that look is durable enough to last until the end, and accommodating quick changes and time constraints are all factors that have to be considered. 

I’ve never been a fan of saying something isn’t possible. It’s my opinion that part of the creative challenge is designing looks that fit in the time, practical, and budget constraints while creating the needed look. Hiding a stab wound under a costume without staining? Been there. Making a performer look more mature but not older? Done that. Completely changing characters including costume, wig, and makeup? Bought the t-shirt.

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Film, Editorial, Cosplay

For a little clarity, makeup in movies, commercials, editorial shoots, and live action cosplay fall under the same skill set as film makeup. Flawlessness is the name of the game in the film industry. Cameras, both video and still, nowadays are brutal. For better or worse they pick up every single detail. This is a double edged sword. Not only does every single flaw on your performer need to be corrected, it has to be corrected flawlessly. Seams on prosthetics have to be perfect. Lines have to be clean, and people powdered to perfection.

I have extensive experience in film doing both beauty and creature looks. I have provided many performers with a flawless look for headshots. I have you covered in anything from pretty princesses' looks to shooting blood out of stab wounds.

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Makeup and Wig Classes for Students and Educators

The most unsung and underappreciated heroes in our world are our educators. I absolutely love using my skill set to support them. Makeup is a niche but glamorous profession. There is a lot of outdated or incorrect information out there. Quite frankly social media has hurt this industry more than it's helped.  

There's a few ways I use what I know to support teachers. One is to come in as a guest educator and teach their makeup units for them. I have done this for theater classes in Elementary school all the way up to master classes at the University level. I teach basic theatrical and film makeup as well as character, age and blood and guts classes. I teach the principles of how and why in makeup. Once you understand that, you can apply it in any situation. I also teach wig care, construction, and styling master classes. 

One of my favorite classes to teach, however, is educator classes. After teaching makeup classes to students there are MANY things I have learned on how to communicate this information to students efficiently and effectively. I have found that many teacher resources are out of date. As a working professional it's my job to keep up on the latest trends and materials in the industry. Consolidating and passing along this information to educators is just one less thing they have to do. 

I also teach a master class to upper highschool and University theatre students on what it is like to be a working theatrical technician. This includes an understanding on what jobs are out there in the art field, how to present a resume to employers, and what skill set shops are looking for. 

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Sculpting, Mold Making, Casting, and Fabrication

Monsters, gore and mayhem are my life blood. Special effects is what started it all for me. I was blessed to have been coached and trained by the late great Dick Smith. 

I offer custom masks and prosthetic services. This goes from a life cast , to a sculpt, to molding, to complete fabrication. 

Every good creature starts with a good sculpt. Well turns out lots of things start with a good sculpt. Whether you need some elf ears, a custom prop, some horns, or even a knickknack. I have done sculpts for prosthetics, latex masks, props, candle makers, and soap makers. 

Casting and mold making is another skill I get a wide variety of requests for. Whether it be to take a mold of a performer's face or body or duplicate an existing item, casting has proved to be a useful skill. Not only does it service the special effects industry, I have helped prop makers, candle makers, and even my own soap company with this skill. 

I am also happy to fabricate prosthetics out of pretty much anything except foam latex. I don't have the facilities for that, but I do have contacts for that I'm happy to pass along. 

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